Convert Turn Signal Lamps
Combination Running/Turn Lamps 
using 1156 Bulbs (Single filament)
By John Cosentini (
     This schematic will allow you to run the stock single filament bulbs in your turn signals as running
     lamps and turn signals. When you turn on your left indicator the relay is activated and the lamp will 
     go off and on and off.

     When the indicator is turned off the relay will return to the Normally Closed position and the lamp
     will stay on with the power from the running lamp Blue wire. So rather than powering the lamps with
     the Brown & Green wires, these wires now activate the individual relays. The load with the relays 
     should be fine.

     Make sure you change out your rear lens from Amber to Red Lens as in most States, if not all, it
     is illegal to run Amber running lights.

     You should be able to obtain 2 12volt single pole, double throw miniature relays at Radio Shack,
     Preferable you will want @ 2 amp current rating to handle the current drawn by the Lamps.

     A logical placement of the relays would be under your seat or under one of the bike side covers.
     The rear lamp wiring enters the fender beneath the seat.