4 Way Flashers
For your Road Star
by Vince Sbordone

While at Hot Springs I had a few people ask me how I wired up my 4 way
flashers. Rather than a long technical explanation I decided to draw
 the diagram and point out the hook up points.
 This entire project took all of 1 hour to install
 including drilling the hole for the switch. I placed my switch
 on the top of the left side cover of my Road Star. Total cost for
 parts is about $13.00
Refer to the Diagram::

One side of the fuse holder goes to the POSITIVE side of the battery.

The other side goes to the Flasher can, the NON-load side of the flasher .

The other terminal on the flasher, the LOAD (L) side, goes to one
set of switch leads which are jumped together upon the Double Pole Single Throw switch (DPST)

The other switch leads get tapped into the wiring that is going into the rear fender.
(These wires can be seen with the seat removed and they are just behind the battery 
  on the left-hand side.)

   One wire is tapped into the Chocolate wire,   (brown-Left), 

   the other is tapped into the Dark Green wire, (Right). 

The flashers should be operational now.

(Remember since they are wired into the Positive side of the battery, they are unaffected by the Ignition switch. They will remain on with key turned to off position. If left on for extended periods of time you will drain the battery.)