The $6 Wheel Alignment Jig
By Keith owner of BlackMagic
With 20,000 miles on BlackMagic I'll bet I have screwed around with the rear
   wheel alignment 40 times in 2 years. I just could not get it right since having
   new tires installed and losing the factory alignment pre-sets.

   I tried every suggested method of aligning the belts and tires and nothing
   worked right. Either the belt squeaked or the bike pulled to one direction or
   the other when I took my hands off the handlebars.

   That was until I discovered the $6.00 cure. I figured that the way the factory
   aligns the bikes is to clamp the two wheels in a jig until the back tire is
   aligned with the front, then they tighten up the back tires alignment bolts. A
   foolproof assembly line procedure.
(This procedure depends on the type of bike stand or jack you use also)

   So I invented a way to (almost) duplicate that procedure for short money. I
   bought two 3/4" by 10' pieces of straight electrical conduit at the hardware
   store. With the rear of the bike jacked up and the bike in gear I zip-tied the
   conduit to the rear tires.
(You possibly could use bungee cords substitute for zip ties)

   With this arrangement a very small adjustment on the rear adjustment bolts
   shows up as a very large movement of the conduit as it straddles the front

   Fiddle with your adjustment bolts until the conduit is the same distance on either side of the
   front tires and your wheels are now in perfect alignment!

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