Installation of Baron's High Output Stator
by Roadie Dan
Note: Please read the instructions before attempting this procedure: 

The stator installation is straight forward, but there are a couple of things that will make life easier as
   you remove the OEM stator, and install the new. 

First, leave the bike on the side stand, you do not have to drain the oil.........
   you'll only loose about a half a pint of oil at the most. 

Lay some newspaper down under the bike, and have a small drip pan ready to catch the small amount 
   that will come out.

This project will be done easiest if you remove the following items in this order:

1 - Right floorboard assembly.......the two bolts that attach it to the frame. 
     You don't disconnect the rear brake line, just suspend the whole
     assembly with a bungee cord, rope wire, etc.

2 - Front exhaust header, or whole system if you are running a 2 into 1

3 - Now you can remove the generator cover, but at the same time remove the
     two bolts that attach the oil return line to the crankcase.........
     leave the oil line attached to the generator cover.

The stator is bolted to the inside of the cover, the screws are Loctited & torqued at the factory..
   you may experience difficulty in removing them.....
   plan on replacing them because you probably will destroy the heads in the process of
   removing them.

At this point, stop & take a good look at where & how everything is located.
   There is a metal bracket that holds the three lead wires in position, and
   there are two rubber grommets that the wires run through.

    **** Make sure when you put this all back together, the wires run the same way. ****

Also don't worry which wire goes where............the way the stator works
   each wire has the same voltage & amperage output.

Time saving tip:

Speaking of wires, here's probably the best tip I can give you on this procedure. 
   Remove the left side cover, and you will see all the electrical
   items & connectors. This is where you will find the end of the stator lead
   wires. It is a white three wire connector..........when you disconnect it,
   tie or electrical tape a fairly strong 4 or 5 foot length of string to it
   BEFORE you pull the stator wire out. You will use this string to attach to
   the new stator lead wires, and then be able to easily pull them back through
   to the connection area. It's a rats nest in there, and you'll know what I'm
   talking about when you look at it. You could be there a long time trying to
   fish the new wires back up. Also, wait to crimp on the new terminals for the
   new connector until you have fished the new wires back up.

The other thing that comes to mind is the generator cover gasket............
   it's up to you how you want to do this, but you do have to
   break the gasket where the two rubber grommets are, to be able to run the
   new  lead wires through. I carefully cut the gasket & lifted it up the area
   around those grommets with a razor blade, and when I installed the cover
   back on the motor, used RTV(silicone) gasket sealer & put the small piece of
   gasket I took off back in place. I've put on 8000 miles, and it hasn't leaked yet.

Also you may find that the new wires are slightly smaller than the OEM lead
   wires, so you will have to seal the grommet holes with RTV as well. Just be
   sure to clean all the oil from the grommets so the RTV will stick to it. I
   sealed both side of both grommets.

As I said earlier, just be sure the new wires follow the same pattern as the
   OEM wires did, it is important that the wires be protected inside from
   rubbing. I used some of the OEM wire protective sleeving it cover any
   exposed wire inside the cover.

That's about it.............the only other thing you may find is the way the
   wires are attached to the new stator are oriented in the wrong direction.
   The original stators were not made specifically for the Road Star, so the
   way the wires came off the stator were actually backwards, so you had to
   them go in the right direction. This was suppose to have been changed, but
   closely compare the direction the wires come off the new stator to the OEM
   stator. If this is true, then don't worry, just break off the tab, put a
   small piece of that sleeving on as far as it will go to the windings on the
   stator, and then the metal retainer in the cover will hold everything in place.

Once everything is attached in the cover it can't go anywhere.

From there, just reverse what you took off, remember to use Loctite after
   you've cleaned the oil off of both threaded surfaces, and to torque every
   bolt/nut to spec.

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact me. 

Take care, and good luck with your installation...........when it's all done
you'll say to yourself "now that wasn't so bad" !

Dan "ROADIE DAN" Rand............................................