Installing Barons lower chrome guard without having to loosen or remove the rear wheel.  
Steve Shiver
1- Remove saddlebag if necessary and remove front saddlebag bolts and footpeg. 
    Place a cotton sock over the end of the saddlebag bracket to protect paint (or 
    remove side cover). Remove the front bolt at the seat/fender/saddlebag 
    bracket support and rotate the bracket up 3-4 inches. 

2- Remove the upper chrome belt guard. You can then remove the plastic 
    lower guard. 

3- Put an old cotton T-shirt over the lower swing arm to protect both the 
    paint and chrome. 

4- Slide the new chrome lower guard in per Barons directions. (Slide rear of 
    guard in angled down and then lower front edge in. Then rotate top of 
    guard in under upper swing arm). 

5- Reverse removal process for upper guard and saddlebags.
    I replaced the supplied chrome bolts with stainless steel bolts.