"How To apply the Back Off MC"
brake light module
"Mr. Tidy"
The Back off MC brake light module #1001 runs approx, $35.00
Approx, 20 min, job
* Sugession before you start *
 From: J Coulter
One thing you could add to the "Back OFF" project is, to take a small tweezer  or micro screwdriver you can back the actual clip out of the nylon wiring plug and cut the yellow wire flush with the clip.  Then solder a new yellow wire to the clip install the connecter and you have a lot more sanatary end result and as much extra length in the wire comming from the plug as you want.  I did this because I thought the wire was a little short otherwise.

My Best 

When you apply your brake this module flashes your tail light 3 times and then goes to a steady state forapprox., 3 1/2 seconds, then repeats 
the cycle.
To begin this procedure you will need 2 each, female, and 2 each male bullet connectors 
and a pair of wire crimpers to complete
the project.

Remove your seat and set aside.
The wiring harness for the tail lights is on the 
left side of the battery. The Yellow wire is the Brake Light wire that you will cut and insert the Back Off module in series with.
The red wire of the Back Off module will plugin 
towards the front of the bike you will place a male
bullet connector. It will be plugged into the yellow
wire towards the front of the bike.
The Striped wire of the Module you will place 
a female bullet connector upon the wire and it will 
plug into the yellow wire going through the fender 
Cut the yellow wire and upon the end going 
into the fender place a male bullet connector.
On the other end going towards the front of the bike place a female bullet connector.
I took this approach so that if the module ever 
fails on a extended trip you could unplug the module andvdirectly plug your brake light wires back up again.
The module comes with a double backed 
piece of tape.
Place it upon the frame under the seat. Replace the seat and go riding.