Sheepskin Seat Cover
A Sure (Almost) Cure For Monkey Butt !
By Buck
A lot of riders complain of an uncomfortable seat on our Road Stars.  
Not me. I think the stock seat is great – for about 400 miles a day . 
One thing I really hate about it is getting a case of “Wet Bottom” in
the high summer temperatures due to the vinyl seat cover.
It’s embarrassing to stop for lunch and walk into a restaurant 
with a wet rear end. 

Here is a simple solution that keeps your bottom dry and allows an
extra 100 miles a day in perfect comfort. 

Sheepskin !! 

I did a search on the WWW and found a company – Sheepskin Express
( – that sold sheepskin “By The Inch”.  After doing
some measuring I found that I could get by with a piece of black sheepskin
that was 20” X 20”, so I ordered  a 20” X 30” piece just to be sure. With 
shipping it cost me about $67. I later trimmed it down to 20” X 20” and 
gave that trimmed off piece to my riding partner who said it saved his life
on a recent 2,000 mile ride. 

Now – how to fasten it so that it could be easily removed? The local fabric 
store had the solution – brass grommets about ¾” in diameter. I punched a 
hole in each corner of the skin and installed a grommet. With the skin on the 
seat, turn it over and “Cross Connect” the opposite corner grommets with 
two loose fitting 12” bungee tie down cords. Don’t get them too tight or it will 
tear the skin. 

The cover is easy to remove by simply popping the seat and removing the 
bungee cords.

I just checked with Sheepskin Express and a 20” X 20” piece is $40 plus shipping. 
The skins come in many different colors. Call them at: 866-287-8494 for help.

Now I can truly say “No Sweat”…