Buck's Lower Deflectors
by Mr. Tidy
When I was afforded the chance to put on a set
of Lowers that Buck1 was making, I jumped at
the chance.

You can see that the gap between the bottom
of the OEM windshield and top of the OEM
Lowers has been closed up. Bucks design has
the new lower wind deflector  coming up and just
behind the windshield.

The result is very little updraft behind the shield.
I've lost everything from dollar bills , pens, receipts and everything below a pound out of my
shirt pockets due to the extreme up draft of 
wind.  Dave (Rhino) Cunningham mentioned he's
even lost his glasses out of his overalls.

My first ride with the new deflectors proved to turn everything around. I left home with an ink pen
in my shirt pocket and after a 6 mile trip on the freeway I returned only to find it was still in my
pocket where I had forgotten it.  I've even had a bug flying around over my fuel tank cruising down
the highway as if we were not even moving. Since the weather has turned cooler and I just finished
a small trip on Route 66 from Oklahoma City up to Tulsa. I noticed that it was a much nicer ride and 
the drizzle we traveled through didn't even seem to matter with the new deflector applied.
Bucks Lowers use the stock OEM Yamaha windshield bracket. 
Simply apply the new brackets supplied with the new deflector set  to your windshield bracket or if 
you have OEM Yamaha Lowers, just remove them and bolt on the new deflectors.
Within 20 minuets you'll be back on the road with a wider smile.
If you are interested in acquiring a set of Buck's Lowers,  Contact Buck1 for 
availability and pricing at  buck1@twmi.rr.com
Buck is retired and has a limited supply, and limited amount of time that he devotes to building
these great new items. 
If you are running an OEM windshield and want some relief from the excessive updraft caused by
poorly designed OEM lowers (IMHO), contact Buck.