California Emissions
Equipment Removal
This is intended for Off Road use only.
Thanks to Paul, "Yotsuya" for the initial drawings
and instructions for this project.

Click on any picture for lager view

Items below can be removed :

Item #   3:    Charcoal canister to carburetor hose "1"
Item #   4:    Charcoal canister
Item #   5:    Charcoal canister to rollover valve hose
Item #   7:    solenoid valve coupler
Item #   8:    solenoid valve
Item #   9:    solenoid valve to air filter case hose (see note #1)
Item # 10:    solenoid valve to carburetor hose "A"

The above items can be removed and leave the # 2 hose in place,
Some earlier year models had defective rollover valves, Item #6,
which would malfunction and close off, this resulted in quite a few collapsed fuel tanks.
Some have taken the initiative to replace the rollover valve with a small inline fuel filter.
Item #2 is your fuel tank vent hose. This is just an option. 
 # 1 : When you remove this hose, if you are running  a airbox that that has a nipple
          such as the stock air box, place a cap on the nipple.......
          If you are installing an air box or have a air box that has no connection then
          there is no need to do anything.

Pictured is the Air Box side of carburetor.

This hose "A" is Item #10 from up above
that goes to the solenoid valve, this
hose can be removed.

Leave the nipple un-plugged this is the 
vent for your float bowl.


Pictured is the back side of the carburetor,

Hose "1" is the vacuum hose to the charcoal canister, Item # 3 from above, you'll want to remove the hose completely.

If viewing from the shifter side between the jugs, it is the hose is on the left-hand side of
the Carb.

Plug off the nipple the hose was removed from
upon the carb~ with a rubber cap which will have to be bought from an auto supply store.

This should conclude the project,
Happy Riding