Dayco Panther Drive Belt
by Mr. Tidy
Pictures by Keith on Black Magic..

   Weather you call it a chirp, a squeak, the Jackhammer,  the stock
Yamaha belt can drive you nuts.  Apparently there is a coating on the OEM
drive belt that will wear off in a matter of 10,000 - 20,000 miles. The result
will be a squeaking or a cha chi, cha chi, cha chi. The latter is known as
the jackhammer noise. 

   I've ridden over 20,000 miles with the Dayco and the drive belt noise is 
still at bay. 

Below is the stock OEM belt notice the hard rubber surface

Now look at the Dayco Belt and see the twin fabric covering

Compare the two side by side
Yamaha on left, Dayco on right

Notice on the OEM Yamaha belt the ribs upon the back of the belt.
Have you ever heard the screaching sound when riding two up when your belt
gets loose. The ribs hit the two nylon rollers in front of the drive pulley and 
make plenty of noise.

By replacing the Stock Yamaha belt with the Dayco Panther Drive Belt you
will end the anoying noises that have made some think about selling their 
bikes or have actually done it.
The part Number for the Dayco Belt is MB130 - 1500
This meaning 130 teeth and 1.5" width, the belt is a standard 14mm pitch.
The purchase price will be @ $140.00 US Dollars and can be found at many 
Bike Shops or Joe at A1 will fix you up...

Happy Riding