Failed Parts
Frame shock mount : This has happened
several times so it is an area you want to 
pay attention to for periodic inspections.
Inspect from underneath bike between
rear wheel and engine.

Rear Wheel Hub:  Pay attention to a faint
popping or clicking noise when rolling bike with
engine dead. Most will notice it when backing bike 
out of their garage or storage building a faint popping or thud.  These failures are occurring on
low and high mileage wheels.
Although this is just one possible cause,  it is very easy to check for when replacing a rear tire.
Notice the ridge formed inside the drive side of
the hub, this is where one of the 4 wheel bearings
rides in the hub.  In the picture to the right you'll
notice the bearing that is visible, it has also 
wallared out the hub as well.

What to check for:  A pop, click, faint thud when rolling on bike with engine dead as in rolling to a stop or backing the bike out of garage or storage shed, a wheel bearing that falls out when removing rear wheel.

Jim " BnBurnt"

Jim sent this picture of the oil pump
drive gear that the tangs are broken,
This lead to insufficient oil supply and
ultimately collapsed lifters.
Symptoms were backfiring , loud ticking
and shutdown after the lifter failure.