Fuel Pump Mod
 I don't remember who came up with this idea, but I think this is a VERY CLEAN 
 relocation scheme for the fuel pump. It may have been Bill H I think. I can't 
 take credit for all of this.
 Many Forum members have contributed. John Cosentini

The guy that came up with the idea woke up today,  errrr... Spoke
up today.  RC (RCHAMMER1) did the pictures and write up on the fuel
pump modification. In RC's own words..
" By the way, my installation is still working
   great with absolutely no problems. I have had it this way for over 15,000 miles now."

Remove Seat, Tank, Fuel cover and bracket and proceed with the rest.

 The relay in the front (on my picture) is the control relay for the fuel pump. 

Set up prior to moving relay to outside of

Another "after relocation" shot.
After relay behind bracket is moved to the outside,
(relay moved is on the left hand side)

The fuel pump retains the rubber mount and hooks onto the bracket after you move the inner relay to the outside rear bracket.

Everything is then hidden behind the side cover with nothing showing. 

 Picture shows where I picked off the electrical 

The blue/black wire in the corner of the relay socket is the wire you attach to for the fuel pump. Right there where you are, real  nice. 
I used the original connector to make replacement a snap

 I used the bullet connectors with silicone jackets (like Yamaha uses for the tail light connectors) 
 and attached them to the fuel pump connector that was up under the tank. 

 This makes for a real easy change out if you ever have to replace the pump, 
 no more mods are ever necessary

It took about 6 1/2 feet of fuel line to do the way I routed it. 

I Have never had that much fuel line on a motorcycle before, maybe I can go an extra 5 miles with that amount of fuel line!!! 

Another 2 views of relocated fuel pump.

 2nd View

Pix to right shows how I routed across the battery box.
shows some more routing

I included 4KRZNs_left Side.jpg shows the left side after the relocation 

Very clean looking side now

The Lightning Shift Rod, The Stainless Steel Floorboard Extension and even Mr. Tidy's 4 way flasher switch on the side cover all looks good.

 John Cosentini