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DK  Powder Coating
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"Bucks Lowers"
The best lower air deflectors available for
the stock Yamaha windshield brackets.
Mr. Tidy's Tech Tips

Available Yamaha Service Bulletins

ColdWeather Travel Tips
by Kieth B. "Black Magic" 

Sticker removal 101
Scott Plank

If you want to remove the nasty sticker on your windshield (or gas tank for that matter) it is possible even if you are a mere mortal! Read on…..

Use a hairdryer and heat up the area well. Then you can srape it of carefully with a plastic putty knife (make sure there are no burrs on the edge) as you alternate heating and scraping. It will leave a sticky mess that actually protects the surface from scratches as you are scraping.

After the sticker comes off (15 min later), use a citrus based solvent (I use Finish Line’s citrus degreaser)to get the sticky stuff off. The citrus solvent will not damage the shield (okay for clear coat too).

Finally buff your windshield to a high gloss using Plexus - the most universal polishing product known to man!

Scott Plank
2002 Road Star


Engine: Carburetor, Fuel Pump, Intake Manifold:
Using Dial Indicator for the Valve Adjustment. Install Instructions for Nemesis intake manifold
Adjust Your Valves Check Your Float bowl Level
Applying the Rocker Arm Bases 'Thor' Fuel Pump Relocation Mod / RCHamer/John C.
Adjust The Accelerator Pump Re-Jet Your Carburetor
New Cam installation Dynojet & Mikuni Jet Conversion Chart 
The "Muckers" Primer for 'The Backfire Cure' Carburetor Removal from Hellrisers
Dowel Pins, Keep Track of Them Thunder Air Kit Install from Hellrisers
Oil Gauge for the Road Star/ Ron Brewer Port your stock manifold by Buck 
Piston Install Procedure Build a Aux Fuel Tank      Jack Frisby 


Build a set of Wheel  Balancing Stands

Balance a Motorcycle Wheel
Electrical: Tire Sizing Chart
Troubleshoot Your Charge System $6 Wheel Alignment Jig
Convert Rear Signal Lamps to Running Lights Replace Brake Pads
Add 4 Way Flashers
Add Signal Dynamics   "Back Off Module"
Install Baron's High Output Stator/ Roadie Dan Cosmetic:
Anatomy of a short circuit Convert Rear Amber Lens to Red Lens
Kuryakyn Run/Turn Controller Quick Disconnect Silverado Bags (Zoomer)
Kuryakyn Run/Turn/Brake Controller Apply 3M Protective Film to Fuel Tank Area
Dyna Coil Installation from Hellrisers  Convert your Stock Shifter Covers to KuryAkyn

Convert Your Turn Lamps to Combination
Turn/Running Lamps using #1156 Bulbs

Trim You Windshield "A Cut Above" / Buck/ artwork MrTidy

An Alternative Method for Converting your Turn Signal Lamps to Running/Turn signals .
For any updates on this Mod go to Loren Cole's
Web page by (Clicking here)
Sideshields a nice add on to Bucks Lowers 
Exhaust: Sheep Skin Seat  by Buck
Loren Cole's V&H Longshot's Baffle Mod

Installing Barons lower chrome guard without having to loosen or remove the rear wheel.  
Steve Shiver   
Smog Equipment Mod for Off Road Use

Odds & Ends:

Set up and take down the 'Bunkhouse Camper'
Misc : A Campers Checklist
V 52's Throttle Clutch Modification Homemade Cargo Trailer Information
Headlight Rattle Cure by 'Aussie Glenn' Trailer in a Bag
Parts Watch and Numbers Driveline:
Floorboard Extension Brackets Dayco Drive Belt   "Get rid of the noise"
"Warning" Watch These Parts
Improve Your Throttle Lock Looks
Hans Klein