Instructions for installing Kuryakyn Run/Turn Controller #4865 
by Paul Yotsuya
These instructions will allow you to modify the Kuryakyn part #4865 to work on the Road Star which has the single filament Silver Bullet lights installed as turn signals on the front of the bike. This kit will not work with any other type of single filament lights. This kit will allow the Silver Bullet lights to act as both running lights and turn signals.

Above is a picture of what you’ll receive in the kit from Kuryakyn. The top piece is the Load Balancer. The bottom piece is the controller. The kit retails for approximately 30 dollars.


#1.   Disconnect the battery ground wire.

#2.   Remove the OEM turn signals and install Silver Bullet lights.

#3.   Remove the screw from the front of the light and remove the retaining ring and lens. 
        Carefully pull out the reflector assembly paying special attention not to touch the bulb. 
        (If the bulb is handled or touched, clean with Isopropyl Alcohol prior to reassembly).

#4.   Remove the single wire light socket from the rear of the reflector assembly and install the dual 
        wire plug. Route the wires through the original hole in the housing and to the small hole in the 
        bottom of the head light bucket. Remove the headlight to allow installation of the Controller. 
        The head light bucket is the perfect spot for the Controller and, if needed, the Load Balancer.

#5.   Solder the supplied two wire plugs with the Violet and Black wires to the wires coming from the lights. 
        It does not matter which wire is connected to which, just that the two wires came from the same light.

#6.   Plug the two wire connectors into the corresponding plugs on the Controller.

#7.   Cut off the six pin AMP connector from the Controller and solder or crimp on male bullet connectors 
        to each of the wires. (If you are going to install Kuryakyn kit #4864 or 4865 on the rear lights 
        you’ll need to install the supplied Load Balancer. See step #10.)

#8.   Disconnect the old running light and turn signal wires at the factory installed bullet connectors. 
        This should leave you with female bullet connectors on the Road Star wiring harness. 
        Connect the bullet connectors from the Controller to the Road Star wiring harness in the following order:

From Road Star   
To Controller
#9.     Connect ground to battery and turn on ignition. You should now have front running lights and turn signals. 
          If the turn signals flash backwards, disconnect and switch the two two wire plugs.

#10.   If your lights flash too fast, you’ll need to install the Load Balancer. The Load Balancer has two 
          Violet wires and a Black wire. Remove the male bullet connector installed on the Black wire in #7 
          and twist both the Black wire from the Controller and the Black wire from the Load Balancer
          together and solder or crimp on another male bullet connector. 
          Repeat this step with the Violet wire from the Controller to the Violet wire with the Load Balancer. 
          Repeat this step again with the Brown wire from the controller to the second Violet wire on the 
          Load Balancer. Plug all bullet connectors together per #8. Your lights should flash at a normal rate now. 

******Cutting off the connector ends of the controller will void the warranty and will render the Controller non-returnable to Kuryakyn. Make these modifications at your own risk.