Heel Toe Shifter Cover Conversion
Using the new KuryAkyn Covers
By Mr. Tidy
If you have thought about using the KuryAkyn
shifter pegs and didn't want to cut your old ones
off and do the drilling and tapping.
Your worries are over, KuryAkyn has come out
with a new shifter peg cover that is pretty simple
to apply.

KuryAkyn Part Number 8851
@ $14.00 apiece

The first step is to remove the old stock peg 
covers using a small screwdriver and a little soap.
Then use some good old elbow grease to ease
them off.

Instead of just tightening down the little set screw
that is seen in the upper-righthand corner of the
page, it is wise to take a bit more effort to make
sure your new cover is a bit more secure upon the
peg.  If you just use the allen set screw it will compress the rubber inside of the cover and look awkward and not stay on the peg very well.

Slip the new cover over the peg and mark
where the screw will contact the peg.

Remove the cover.

Take a Dremel Tool or drill with a bit sized as to
let the set screw fit down into and drill a hole
approx. 1/8" deep into the peg.

Slip the cover back over the peg and use some 
blue loctite and tighten the set screw as to fit into
the newly drilled hole. This will insure that the peg
cover will not slip off and it looks nice upon the peg.