Quick Disconnect System 
for Silverado Bags
Dave McDougall (ZOOMER)
      Whenever I wanted to clean the bike up it was always a pain to have to unbolt the bags off the supports so I could clean in behind them. I thought of these pins and tried them out. Turns out they work great and it's now a snap to remove the bags for cleaning or for taking them inside while traveling.

     All that's needed are 8- 6mm bolts that are long enough to provide the pin length needed, 8 small hairpins and 8- 6mm nuts. Any hardware store should have all of these items.

     I screwed the bolts into the bag brackets and run the nuts up the threads on the backside to lock them into place. Now just measure the lengths according to the drawing and cut them off with a hacksaw. Clean the edges up with a file and drill the 3/32" holes in the top pins. You might want to mark the top pins and then remove them for drilling.

     When reinstalling the bags you are going to have to push on the top of the bag to get the top pins to align with the holes in the bag. The bottom pins are only there to hold the bag in position and the top pins do the actual fastening of the bags. Use the large washers from the original hardware on the top pins and install your hairpin….Done.

     I've been running with this setup for 31,000 kms with no problems or rattles. Hope someone can find this information useful.

      Dave McDougall (ZOOMER)

I think Dave did a good job here and 
it's all pretty self explained. 
I don't have the Silverado Bags but if
I did, I'd be using his setup...
Thanks Dave..