Motorcycle Cargo Trailers
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Motorcycle Cargo Trailer Plans
by Pork Free
The trailer was pretty easy to build. 
Read all the instructions prior to atemping to build trailer,
this to have a good idea of what the necessary  materials
and tools that will be needed to complete this project.

The only thing you need is an axle and some steel.

I bought an axle w/hubs and bearings, don’t forget the wheels and springs, from a tractor supply store.

Bought some steel from a local steel company  1/8” or even 1/16” is plenty heavy. 

Using a carpenter square and tape measure cut 3, pieces of channel iron 2”x 2”, 24 ¾” long. 

Then using the same material cut 2 lengths at 48” long these are the side of the frame; 

You can now put the frame together by either welding or using 5/16” bolts. 

Insure all of the open sides of the channel are facing inside the frame because you will need a flat 
  surface to bolt too. 

Make sure to get the frame square, very important… 

Next you want to make the tongue I recommend you buy one at a trailer parts dealer or boat store you can make it as long as you want. 
  Pop a chalk line down the center of the frame and down the tongue, weld or bolt the tongue to frame     
  again, very important to get it square. 

On the same side you attach the tongue to you have to weld or bolt two more 48” pieces of channel 
  open side down (facing up because remember the trailer is upside down) this is were you will 
  put the springs, axle, hubs and tires. 

Measure the total length of frame and tongue, set the axle 12” to the rear of center 8” if you plan to 
  use an ice chest. 

The Axle will have to be shortened to a length of 40".

I found it easier to put the axle together an set the whole thing into the channel to drill my holes 
  for the springs. 

The front of the axel will have a bolt hole in it and the rear will have a lip. 

Use one bolt through the bolt hole and attach it mark your last hole so that when you invert the
  trailer to its towing position the lip of the axle will rest on that bolt.  

I used plywood to form a deck thinking back now I should have used expansion steel for weight. 

If you have any problems you can call me Tim: 915-949-9303.