Instructions for installing Kuryakyn Run/Turn/Brake Controller #4864 
by Paul Yotsuya

These instructions will allow you to modify the Kuryakyn part #4864 to work on the Road Star which has the single filament Silver Bullet lights, or any single or dual filament light installed as turn signals on the rear of the bike. This kit will allow the turn signal to act as a run light, turn signal and stop lights. Check your local laws on the use of yellow lenses as running lights on the rear. You will more than likely need to, and should, switch to red lenses. I have a Tombstone taillight set up with small Kuryakyn Silver Bullets attached as turn signals. This is Kit 1 from J & K Starline ( I have always been concerned about the light output of the Tombstone tail light. With this Controller modification, I believe I have ample light to the rear.

 Above is a picture of what you’ll receive in the 4864 kit from Kuryakyn. 
Retail approximately $30.00



#1.     Disconnect the battery ground wire.

#2.     Remove seat and disconnect the six pin tail light/turn signal connector. 
          Cut off the battery side connector (female end) leaving enough wire to be able to reuse the connector. 
          You may have to strip off some tape and remove the left side cover to allow sufficient wire length.

#3.     Cut off the female plug end of the Controller and gently remove the black plastic sheath. 
          Remove the Orange wire from the bundle, it will not be needed. Gently pull on the three 
          Black wires separately. Only one of them is attached to the Controller, the other two are jumper wires
          from the female plug to the male plug, just like the Orange wire and needs to be removed. Solder 
          and/or crimp male bullet connectors to the five (5) remaining wires. Or you can use the six pin 
          connector (removed in #2) with enough wire remaining to solder to the five wires from the 
          Controller to the six pin connector (see #5 for connections). Connect to light side of wiring harness
          following #5 for connections

#4.       Cut off the male plug end of the Controller and remove the Orange and two loose 
           Black wires from this bundle.  Use butt connectors to crimp or solder the five wires from the 
            male side of the Controller to the battery side of the Road Star wiring harness you previously 
            cut the six pinconnector from. See #5 for connections


From Road Star
To Controller

#6.       Now connect the Load Balancer to the three pin connector on the Controller. 
            The Load Balancer will get hot when the turn signals are used so you want to store it 
            somewhere that won’t be bothered by the heat. I simply removed my stock tool kit and 
            laid the Controller and Load Balancer in the empty space.


#7.       Connect ground to battery and turn on ignition. You should now have rear running lights, 
            rear turn signals and brake lights out of your turn signals. 

#8.       If your lights flash too fast, you’ll need to install another Load Balancer (#4866 approx. $17.00). 
            This additional Load Balancer will be installed in the headlight bucket with the two Violet wires 
            from the Balancer connecting to the Green and Brown wires and the Black wire of the 
            Balancer to the Black wire.

******Cutting off the connector ends of the controller will void the warranty and will render the Controller non-returnable to Kuryakyn. Make these modifications at your own risk.